Tweet iPad 2 rumors and spec leaks are coming in more frequently, now that April is right around the corner.┬áIt was reported today that the iPad 2 will feature a high-resolution Retina display and will be powered by a dual-core graphics chip. This would allow iPad 2 to play 1080p […]

Tweet Today a Japanese blog claims to have unconvered specs and release info for the next generation Apple iPad 2. Apple is speculated to release its iPad 2 in 2011 and rumors are already warming up over its features and release dates. The Japanese blog MacOtakara has confirmed some rumored […]

Tweet We had reported earlier about the possibility of an iPad 2G that might be out soon. It is being reported that the iPad 2 has been officially named Apple iPad 2G and comes with many of the features that were not available in the present iPad. iPad 2G is […]

Tweet Rumors are floating around that Dell is all set to get back at the tablet market with a bank this CES 2012. Looks like after Dell's bad luck with their Streak tablet, it has not given up but is instead said to come back with a bang this year. […]

Tweet Seriously WOW! We never thought this would happen but looks like Microsoft will be coming to Apple’s iPad in 2012, according to a report. With the proven success of Apple iPod, looks like Microsoft is realizing that and is said to be working on introducing the full suite of […]

Tweet This is the closest and coolest thing yet! Augmented reality using an iPad! A new iPad 2 game called Ball invasion might well be worth a look. Ball invasion allows you to interact with your home or surroundings in a totally new way even allowing you to bounce balls […]

Tweet There was a new report from Wall Street Journal that said that the release date of the iPad 3 is scheduled to be sometime in early 2012. The report also mentions that the device will have a high resolution 2048 x 1536 pixel Retina Display which is quadruple the […]