twitter_logoThe new Twitter interface promises to be best giving users more control and adding appeal to the site. However there are a few features that it lacks. Lets have a look at 10 of our wish-list that Twitter should seriously consider in their next interface update.

1. Retweet:Twitter does have a nice inbuilt retweeting feature which is fast and simple but it often kills the whole idea of retweeting. Users typically would like to add a comment before retweeting but Twitter does not allow that. You have to copy and paste manually adding the retweet text which is a hassle.

2. Short URLs:Twitter allows you to put in short URL’s however it itself lacks a URL shortener. With the recent exploit of mouse-overs, Twitter will be vary about having to expand the URLs on mouse-over. 

3. Alerts after @replies: Many have requested Twitter to add a functionality to alert users when someone references them.

4. DM alert: The DM alert can be similar to the @replies alert where a user is alerted if his/her friend logs onto twitter. Although Twitter is not exactly a social communications site where you can contact your firend, a nice feature as such would actually help.  

5. Faster media preview:The new quick preview of images and video from Twitter’s partner service is a great ad on but lacks display on the default timeline. A time line will help us know how long we have to suffer the video before we could move on. 

6. App name in default view: In the new version Twitter does not display names and the links of the Twitter client used to send out the Tweet. Twitter shows that only when you visit the tweet. Does this mean that Twitter wants the app developers away? 

7. Count in tweets retweeted:It would be great if Twitter considers a count for the number of times a tweet has been retweeted by default without having to expand the tweet.  

8. Suggestions for search:Twitter’s suggestions similar to Google site suggestions for search will be a great add on for Twitter.

9. No background images:The new wide layout leaves very little space to work with for background images. It is 1040 pixels wide which very little space to display an 1280×1024 screen image.

10. Omnipresent tweet box:A “What’s happening?” text box will help in tweeting on the momeny. All that remains is a small text box on display.

I hope Twitter makes a note of these above ideas.

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