Despite recent violent events in the country, Israeli biotech firm remains steadfast in its plans to unveil its groundbreaking programmable drug treatment. The startup leverages a unique AI methodology termed liquid nanoparticles (LNP) to craft bespoke drug therapies.’s blend of experimental procedures and AI streamlines the production of drug delivery formulations, revolutionizing nucleic acid-based and genetic medicines. As the firm’s CEO, Yogev Debbi, elaborates, “Our cutting-edge platform paves the way for the next generation of quicker, smarter, and pinpoint-accurate drug delivery systems.”

The company’s innovative solution focuses on RNA therapies, heralded for their potential in combating infections, cancers, and specific genetic ailments. Yet, as Debbi points out, the instability of RNA molecules poses challenges. “Directly administering RNA to human cells isn’t feasible due to their fragile nature. They necessitate a protective carrier, ensuring their safe delivery to the targeted cells,” explains Debbi.

In addition to emerging from its stealth mode, also declared a $19.5 million seed funding spearheaded by reputed names like Andreessen Horowitz Bio + Health, Base4 Capital, and others.

Debbi had scheduled a trip to San Diego to present academic papers detailing the startup’s drug discovery vision. However, unforeseen circumstances following the recent disturbances disrupted these plans. The startup’s years of covert research culminated in this week’s disclosure. Despite the tangible benefits of accelerated drug discovery, deciding on the next steps amidst the chaos was challenging.

Reflecting on the situation, Debbi remarked, “In Israel, we’re grappling with an unprecedented crisis. The gravity of this situation surpasses anything I’ve experienced in my life.” The aftermath of the disturbances led to the cancellation of all outbound flights from Israel, rendering Debbi’s presentation infeasible. Yet, he emphasizes the significance of persevering, especially considering the potential global impact of their work.

He adds, “We’re unwavering in our commitment to our mission, collaborators, and the countless individuals who could gain from our techniques. Drug development is our calling.”

Launching a startup, particularly in the unpredictable realm of biotech, is a formidable challenge. Introducing one amidst conflict escalates these complexities. Despite adversity, the firm remains resolute.

Debbi concludes, “Though times are tough, with daily news weighing heavy on our hearts, we possess both the privilege and duty to forge ahead. This is a testament to our team’s spirit, our nation’s resilience, and our message to the world.”

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