Did you break your iPad? Worried about lost data? Well DriveSavers is here to save you. Announced at the 2011 Macworld Expo, DriveSavers offers data recovery services for Apple iPads. The company claims that it has been getting a steady stream of customers and recently recovered the data of a CEO of a large financial institution.

DriveSavers recovery engineer Chris Bross says working with the solid state drive of the iPad is a challenge. Bross said that the flash chips used in the iPad have many layers of NAND flash stacked on top of each other. Each of those layers have to be analyzed separately and data from each layer has to be mixed together to recreate the logical format of the volume stored in the flash chip.

DriveSavers also has to work through a complex layer of encryption to get to the data. iPhone and the iPads use hardware level encryption which makes it harder for DriveSavers to get to the data.

However all the DriveSavers’ services are not cheap. They charge a whopping $1000 for a recovery of an iPad. The price is based on the capacity of data they recover without regard to the time or labor.

You can visit DriveSavers here.

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