This december 2012, it will be proved whether the greatest myth of the century is actually myth or reality.

Science seems to support it with facts as they happen. There are many scientific facts that will happen in 2012. Such as those already mentioned here about sunspots etc. And a very peculiar alignment of the planets and something about the constellations. The mayan have a 5200 year cycle, which will reach the end at 2012. These cycles always signify something of great importance, major changes. I discoverd that around 5200 years ago there was a great disaster on earth, a minor ice age and so on. Is that just coincidence, or did the mayans actually know this and know that it will happen something major again in the end of the next cycle which is 2012?

For an article about what happened 5200 years ago in a scientific paper completely unrelated to the mayans and 2012 myth, check this article:

And in this article the scientists say that we are close to another change like that which happened 5200 years ago… Again it matches perfectly with the mayan prophecies. So, we should take the knowledge of the mayans quite serious in my opinion. they knew what they were doing and thats a fact.

Also remember the great floods, past ice ages etc, that fits well with the mayans cycles. Look them up, they have various cycles of different importance, going through many thousands of years. Actually they have cycles going millions of year back.

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