Technology is changing and improving just about every day. New technologies are either made popular by media and by consumers but there are some gadgets that might have missed our eye. Here are some.

1. DAS Keyboard

Focusing on efficient typing, the Das Keyboard is quite good. It improves typing efficiency by using mechanical switches and gold-plated springs for release that is consistent and which increases better touch sensitivity.

The Das Keyboard Pro recognizes up to 6 key presses at the same time, which is a good tool for big-time PC gamers. With about 50 million key stroke lifetime, it performs better than other competitors. By being able to register many keys at the same time, it improves keyboard efficiency. This inturn helps us type faster. The Keyboard is also available with blank keys.

You can get one here.

2. Contour HD Helmet Cam


The ContourHD and ContourHD1080p are loaded with features such as high video resolutions and frame rates  of 30fps at 1080p and 720p and 60fps at 720p and WVGA – now thats the stuff. They also have a new mic gain that improves audio while reducing other noises such as wind ghusts etc. It comes with good editing software which makes it easy to edit the video.

The camera sticks to any flat surface and can be mounted easily on to your helmet. It also is very light and can record on a single touch button making it less hectic to work with. It also comes with some shock absorbing body and a fall would not damange the camera. Another competitor GoBandit will be coming out with its own version of the Countour called the GoBandit GPSHD Action Cam by June 2010 and it will be first HD cam with integrated GPS and digital maps.

You can get one here.

3. Lockheed Martin IronClad USB and Ironkey Drives


I consider this to be awesome. While Lockheed has had its role in the military, its interest in providing data security is growing. The IronClad USB drive places your hard drive, software, and personal files onto one device, ready to be deployed whenever you switch computers. It comes with a complex encryption system that protects your data and if it were stolen, it will be virtually impossible for a hacker to hack the drive. The encryption system is hardcoded into the usb drive.

This is particularly useful for businesses and others who carry sensitive data in their drives, data such as financial documents, passwords, pictures etc. 

More info is here.

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