Samsung is aiming high when it comes to improving its tablet displays. The company said that it was facing still competition by higher quality tablets from Apple and was on its way to raise its own bar when it comes to quality. Going by the rumor that Apple was in works to double its vertical and horizontal resolution Samsung said that by 2015 it was looking to pack about 500 Pixels per inch for its displays. To keep it in prespective, the iPhone 3GS has 163 Pixels per inch so 500 pixels per inch will give you amazing graphics.

Samsung made the announcement at the Samsung Display Strategy 2011 event.Samsung said two new generations of screens were to be introduced with the first generation to provide about 300 pixels per inch and up to 8 hours battery life. Samsung says in 2010 over 1.9 billion displays were shipped. The number is expected to rise and hit 2.4 billion in 2013.

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