barnes and noble ereader

iPad is out and now people are scrambling to try out the thousands of apps it offers. While the iBookstore is good enough to let you not upgrade to another app there sure are some free ebook reader apps available out there.

1. Barnes & Nobles eReader

barnes and noble ereader

Barnes & Noble wasted no time in getting this app for the iPad. This app actually comes with five free e-books and also a free dictionary so you don’t have to google all the time. It is also designed to allow you to read your ebooks from anywhere, be it an iPad or switch back to a PC or a compatible handheld device as well.

Visit ereader here.

2. Stanza

Amazon Stanza

Stanza owned by Amazon is really cool. You have the ability to slide your finger across the screen to turn a page and with a black and white background it is easy on your eyes when reading in dark. This app lets you access the 50,000 free ebooks of Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks easy, now thats awesome and other titles can be paid for from online stores.

Visit Stanza here.

3. Kindle for iPad

amazon kindle

Now kindle fans don’t have to carry two tablets while still be able to enjoy their favorite ebooks, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle app. This app offers Amazon’s clever “Whispersync” feature.

It allows for seamless switching between the Kindle device and Kindle for iPhone. Not just that, Whispersync knows where you are in a book, so you can read half a chapter and later your Kindle device will give you the option to pick up where you left off.

Visit Kindle here.

4. Wattpad


Wattpad is a popular app with over 4 million downloads to date. Wattpad offers a lot of user-generated content. It lets its users actually write poems, books providing a publishers platform. Amateur book writing is its mantra.

Visit Wattpad here.

5. eBooks by Kobo


With its good looks, Kobo is a good looking e-library with a focus on new books and best-sellers. It claims to offer discounts of upto 65% off on current and new titles and also offers one e-book download for free making this app a great option for a casual reader.

Visit Kobo here.

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