What came after 2G? 3G.. what comes after 4G?? Well 5G!


5G is a term used to describe the fifth generation of mobile networks. We know that 4G has become synonymous with LTE, but 5G networks when compared to 4G will be super fast! It’s going to be many times quicker than what we have now, and by quite a way.

5G has actually seen speeds of 7.5Gbps from Samsung and 10Gbps from Nokia and guess what – this time last year the University of Surrey also happened to obtain a crazy 1Tbps for a wireless network – thats crazy fast! Can you imagine – even Google Fiber is at 1GBps!

But don’t get too excited yet – these tests were conducted in a lab! Real life results will vary. Compare that to the 300Mbit/s currently offered by LTE network and you’ll see the differences in speeds!

So when will we see 5G? Most estimates point to a 2020 initial roll-out for 5G network technology. So save up for a massive phone upgrade in 2020 🙂

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