Google is working on a top secret project that is not a secret any more! Google is working on a stealthy secret project in its Google X labs and it was revealed that the company is working on a heads-up display (HUD) wearable glasses that runs on the company’s mobile Android operating system. The eyeglasses design is now in prototype stage and may be coming soon to developers and will utilize a form factor seen in Oakley’s Bluetooth sunglasses and also includes earbuds on the side temples of the glasses to route audio through. The device will have a front-facing camera, which can be activated for augmented reality apps.

The front camera will be an important piece of the package as it is also now known that one of the lenses of the glasses will not be transparent. This means that there won’t be a transparent OLED display, as previously speculated, and instead the covered lens will display the HUD and users will be able to use the camera for augmented reality. The camera will also be accompanied by a flash or LED light.

And if thats not enough, navigating the UI will be done with movements to the user’s head. Sensors will detect tilts to scroll and click. Voice will also be used to control the glasses. The device will probably have a singlre-core 1 GHz ARM A8 CPU, 256 MB RAM, and 8 GB of storage.

It is rumored that Motorola is also working on its own glasses which is developed by Kopin and re-branded under Motorola Solutions. So will we see Google glasses around soon? No info on this yet!

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