In continuation of our previous series, A few dumbest inventions and a More dumbest inventions, we present a few more dumbest inventions. Enjoy!

1.External Turkey Roaster, 1966


I bet this runs into high electricity bills. Using high resistant filaments to roast a turkey, more like a tanned turkey!

2. Baby Holder, 1937


Yes even I was dumb struck when I saw this. This was the “invention” of one, Jack Milford, a player with the Wembley Monarchs ice hockey team, had worked on and invented a carrying device so that his baby can join his wife and himself on the ice.

Who on earth would want to take a baby on ice with chances of falling being like, ah 100% ??

3. Phone-Answering Robot, 1964


Yes robots were being worked on since the 60’s. This robot designed by Claus Scholz of Vienna answers the phone but cannot speak, eh!

Half way there..

4. Birdman Suit, 1955


I would be careful of calling this a dumb invention out of respect that Birdman Leo Valentin died trying to fly these wings from a plane. In rather what is mostly a failed invention might have led to some input in the science community, thanks to this inventor.

5. Venetian Blind Sunglasses, 1950

Venetian Blind Sunglasses, 1950

Sunglasses with blinds? Seriously was a fail then, is a fail now!

Stay tuned as we will bring you more dumbest inventions soon.

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