Microsoft is going all out to challenge Apple and Google’s dominance in the smartphone market. Apparantly Microsoft and Samsung have agreed to share patents in an attempt to get an edge over the superiors and to be able to introduce better products than the other two. Microsoft will receive royalties for mobile phones and tablets built by Samsung that use Google’s Android operating system, according to the report. The companies also agreed to cooperate on the development and marketing of Windows Phone, Microsoft’s mobile software.

Microsoft has been struggling to get its Windows Phone 7 OS up the charts facing heavy competition with Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android based market. Microsoft also announced an alliance with Nokia Oyj in February to develop smartphones. Looks like Microsoft is making the  most of it. It was reported that a $450 million check will be sent from Samsung to Microsoft making Microsoft richer for its patents.

Its a good move, because the consumer will be the winner eventually. If these companies tie up and bring down the prices for mobile phones and internet, it will be a much more welcome move.


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