It was reported today that Amazon had once thought of buying RIM, the Blackberry maker who is on the path of going down the tubes thanks to a failed tablet and a phone thats quickly loosing ground to Apple and Android. Amazon however dropped the idea of buying RIM according to reports. According to Reuters, Amazon had done quite a bit of work into getting things rolling to make the purchase.

The Reuters source said that Amazon hired an investment bank to help it assess the deal, but never made an offer. It does not say why, nor whether any price was discussed. Reportedly Amazon was not the only firm courting RIM, and the report says that a few other businesses were sniffing around and making eyes at it. Two other sources told the news service that RIM wants to try to make a go of things itself, and while it might try to sign licensing agreements and partnerships, it won’t be offering itself up for sale just yet.

Now that Amazon has its own line of tablets, they pose a challenge to RIM itself.

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