Amazon has finally finished up on its Appstore which is now open for developers to submit and sell their android applications via the Amazon’s app store. This move by Amazon was rumored for a long time and it will be exciting to see the kind of apps that may come out of this new app store.

Amazon is a successful e-commerce company with millions of customers and millions more because of its successful e-book, the Kindle. Is the app store an indication that Amazon will bump up its Kindle to match the iPad? Unlikely, experts say because Amazon wants to stick with what it does best and thats e-books. Amazon might surely have a version of Kindle that might be more than an e-book, but the tablets market is close to saturation.

Amazon’s app store might be a place for all kinds of apps and this means that the Android app market is going to get complicated. Google already does a lot of updates and modifications to Android operating system. Other cell phone and tablet makers such as Samsung and Motorola add on their own customizations to the base Android operating system.

Amazon claims that the app store will set a new benchmark. Amazon’s new app store will set its own price on the apps that developers work on. Developers will only be allowed to suggest a list price. Also Amazon’s license agreement for each sale of an app, Amazon will pay a royalty of more than 70 percent to the of the purchase price or a 20 percent of the list price.

Amazon also began inviting people to join its Appstore developer program waiving the first year of the $99 annual fee. The Appstore is set to launch this year.

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