After Apple’s launch of its iPad the market seems to have been smitten by the tablet idea. Many manufacturers aresamsung-tablet looking to produce tablets this year based on Google’s Android OS. Add two more to that list with LG and Samsung planning to launch such products by the end of this year.

It is reported that LG wants to have a product ready to ship by the fourth quarter of this year while Samsung said it will launch a tablet in the thrid quarter under the brand name of Galaxy.

Not just them but Cisco has also announched that they will come out with a business-oriented Android tablet in early 2011, thats plenty of time for them to work on a new tablet. Smallers firms are also stepping in with Netbook maker MSI announcing plans for a Tegra-based Android tablet earlier this year.

A rumor is going around that version 3.0 of Android is to be released later this year and may contain features more suited to tablets while Android 2.x is more suited for smartphones.

These tablets might be ready just in time to work well with Android 3.0

More updates as they happen.

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