Anti-Sleep-PilotSleeping while driving is a well known fact that causes many road accidents. Little can be done to stop people from falling asleep and the government has many programs to increase awareness of the situation. But now a gadget is out that promises to prevent drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel. The new Anti Sleep Pilot is a new driver safety accessory and its creators in Denmark promise that the with the device installed accidents due to sleep would be a thing of the past.

The Anti Sleep Pilot is a small disc-like accessory that fits on the dashboard of your car. It monitors your altert-ness by calculating your driving fatigue levels which is done by a series of alertness-provoking tests conducted by the device.

It is easily customizable and automatically triggers sound and visual alerts when it’s time for you to take a break.  The device also has an accelerometer that analyzes and registers the movements of your car to suggest you when it’s time for a break.

It also is equipped with a high-precision clock for measuring reaction times, a light sensor, a sound sensor and a touch sensor besides an intelligent on/off button as a means to interact with the device.

It runs on a standard AAA battery and is available in the Dutch markets. There is no news on when it will make it to the US markets.

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