ipad-2g-with-facetimeWe had reported earlier about the possibility of an iPad 2G that might be out soon. It is being reported that the iPad 2 has been officially named Apple iPad 2G and comes with many of the features that were not available in the present iPad.

iPad 2G is said to feature a front facing camera to support facetime, a longer lasting better battery, USB port integration, a better display technology and a 3-axis gyroscope. Speculation is that facetime will interop with any of the Apple’s devices, meaning you can now facetime using your iPad 2G with someone who has an iPod or and iPhone 4. There is no info on the specs of the front facing camera.

By adding a USB port, Apple finally seems to address concern over its proprietary standards. Speculation is that Apple’s iPad 2 will be a slimmer device. Apple is also said to be getting ready to manufacture about 48 million iPad 2 by 2011.

Apple is yet to officially talk about its iPad 2G plans however launch is expected to be around Q1, 2011.

Stay tuned for more info as we know it.

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