Is this the real deal? It is being reported that Apple has sent its upcoming device to its carrier partners for lab testing, by adding more information to the recent report BGR comes up with an exclusive report from their sources that they got evidence that carriers are testing Apple’s LTE 4G iPhone with their carriers, well from the rumors it’s not clear that which type of features will iPhone 5 carry, and also from the public demand and market competition suggests that Apple must have to put 4G LTE support in their upcoming device.

The report of BGR confirms that Apple build an iPhone 5 with 4G LTE capabilities and now it’s currently in the carrier testing, they managed to get hands on the internal iOS test build from one of the most popular and major carrier partner of Apple. They have found the evidences of 4G LTE in the firmware property list files. In the past we have seen, many big competitors of Apple has currently released their next generation phones with the upcoming next generation 4G LTE capabilities, so it make a lot of sense here that we will get 4G LTE iPhone this fall.


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