This is nice! We had reported about another iPhone tracking app and this is something better? McAfee has released its Wavesecure security software to individual Iphone users. McAfee’s Wavesecure software had previously been available to business users through the firm’s Enterprise Mobility Manager, but it is now available to download as a standalone application through the App Store. The application allows users to lock down their Iphone and backup data.

Todd Gebhart, co-president of McAfee said, “Consumers use their mobile devices to hold some of the most important details of their life. McAfee Wavesecure software works seamlessly to secure, back up and wirelessly restore content on the device via the online portal. So even if the device is lost, stolen or damaged, or even if users accidentally delete their data, the data remains safe and easily accessible.”

Gebhart has a valid point. Control of devices whether they contain personal or corporate information is important. Phones are easily lost or stolen and, given the amount of information they store, a lost device could wreak havoc on a company’s network and reveal the user’s personal information. Google released a device policy application that allows users and firms to control Android smartphones remotely, enabling devices to be locked or wiped. Although McAfee’s Wavesecure doesn’t lock an Iphone, it can wipe the device and use GPS to track it until the battery dies.

McAfee’s Wavesecure might cost the best part of £14 but for those who store most of their lives on their Iphones, it could be a lifesaver


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