apple-google-itgruntsApple and google never seemed friends, especially when Apple rejected Google’s voice app but let Line2 use its app and not that the Android ‘vs’ iPhone war is all out in the open, but on Friday Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs were spotted drinking coffee together.

The news spread like fire and people gathered around to watch them in action, mostly geeks! Pictures were clicked and sent to Gizmodo. While the pictures were being clicked, one of the photographer over heard them talking about web content. Soon as they noticed a crowd gathering they left to talk at some private place.

Their body language was analyzed by Gizmodo which said that they didn’t seem comfortable and seemed to be having a tense conversation with Eric silently listening to Steve.

This month Google came up with its own version iPhone, which mimics the iPhone which created tension between the two giants. However the meeting was not thought to be of that because the one who makes the most awesome device eventually wins the market.

apple-google-itgrunts1From what we know, the relationship between Jobs and Schmidt was always calm and nuetral. Apple and Google are trying hard to conquer the market with their products, the winner? is the consumer who has more choice and extremely competitive prices. iPad was thought to be those thousand dollar tablet ended up being a mere $499 which was really really amazing.

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