We reported that Apple last week send out invitations for a New York based media event that is to take place on January 19th. Well today we have more information that the event is a plot to destroy the textbook publishing industry! Wall Street Journal pointed out that the iPad is being pitched as not only a device that will transform the classroom but also as a text book killer with Apple teaming up with McGraw-Hill.

The WSJ has learned that Apple is working closely with major textbook publisher McGraw-Hill on announcing a plan to digitize textbooks. And not just that, it is being said that Apple also plans to unveil a set of interactive eBook creation tools at this week’s event. The suite is expected to be something of a “GarageBand for eBooks,” so to speak.

This would make it easier for both publishers and educators to put together interactive iPad-based textbooks and lesson plans for students. Several schools are already experimenting with Apple’s tablet as a replacement for conventional textbooks.

Well kids reading from good’ol text books seems to be on a dieing trend. Is this a good or a bad thing? You decide..

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