itunes-9-2Starting to wonder if a new iTunes will be out to support the iPhone 4? Well Apple just released its new iTunes 9.2 and comes with quite a few new updates. The update comes with compatibility for iOS 4 which is set to release next week.

The new iPhone 4 will run the update operating system, the iOS 4 and is set to be released on June 21.

Not just that users having iPhone 3G and 3Gs models will also be able to upgrade their phones as well as 2nd and 3rd generations of iPod Touch. The iPad upgrade will be available this fall.

The delay for the iPad update is to tweak and fine tune the software further to accomodate iPad’s features and capabilities.

iOS4 is exciting news as it includes about more than 100 features, features that were long missing the iPhone OS software. Some of them include Multitasking, improved email interface and support, ability to put in custom wallpapers, ability to use a bluetooth keyboard, Spell checking feature, ability to create and sort folders and ability to create iPod playlists are a few.

Not just that the iTunes 9.2 also supports book syncing and reading with iBooks 1.1 so now you can share the same book between your iPod Touch, your iPhone and your iPad. Even PDF synching and organizing other documents has been added as a feature.

The new iTunes does show a lot of improvement since the iPhone 3Gs was launched. Its just amazing how technology catches up so fast.

Download the new iTunes 9.2 here.

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