A trick to force you to upgrade? Many of you have noticed a decrease of performance in your iPhone 3G after theJailbreakiOS4_0_1 recent upgrade to the iOS 4.0. Looks like Apple is not content with breaking of its iPhone 4 that they went ahead to break a perfectly running model.

Is Apple desperate? It sure looks like it with a plan to stop people from going back to their old phones after it was reported that their was a design flaw in the iPhone 4. The software update which was to make things better actually made it worse for the 3G model.

Many owners of the iPhone 3G model complained that their phones were barely usable after the recent iOS 4 and another iOS 4.0.1 update.

The iPhone 3G after the update is very slow with the SMS app taking 30 seconds to launch and the Safari OS freezing regularly. Apple didn’t make it any easier by not letting users roll back to their backed up versions that worked well.

Did Apple test its software on 3G phones at all, or was it a deliberate attempt to trick customers and to force them to upgrade? Some sources in support of Apple claimed that the iPhone 3G is crippled because of its slower processor speed. iPhone 3G runs at 400MHz while the iPhone 4 runs at 1GHz offering more than twice as much speed.

However that is no reason for Apple to release an inappropriate patch that cripples a perfectly running phone.

This is not looking good towards Apples part and if at all Apple did this to force you to upgrade, its just bad business. Do you have an iPhone 3G and experienced the same issue, please share with us.

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16 thoughts on “Apple trick? iPhone 3G crippled by software update”
  1. I’ve read a lot of this things going on with the 3G iPhone.
    Therefore, i wont update to OS 4.
    And (its a pity) i wont buy an iphone 4.
    Next i try Android or Windows Phone 7. Looks realy good.

  2. I did update it and i am suffering but no i wont buy an iphone 4 either this is the end of apple phones for me..

  3. If this is true Apple will have problems very shortly.
    I din’t upgrade yet ma iPhone 3G with OS 4.x but I don’t make every update when they are possible.
    So this time it seems, that my own “laziness” safed me.
    Well, we will see about that.

  4. I haven’t upgraded my OS on my 3G. Don’t think I’m going to. The things sucks bad enough already the way it is, I surely don’t need to “improve” it. I can’t even get 3G service with the thing. Time for something different me thinks.

  5. I’ve been frustrated with apple since the second I started the upgrade to OS4 on my 3g. After the 3 hour upgrade I’ve been having the same problems mentioned in the article. It’s frustratingly slow and simple things that worked in OS3 no longer work – like being able to write a new text while the previous text is still sending. F U Apple.

  6. I had done the upgrade and wanted to down grade but it didnt let me. I did everything possible to fix it none worked. They are just forcing us to upgrade, u know what time for android!

  7. I have the EXACT same problem. iPhone 3G barely works after new software update. It was already pretty garbage already if you actually fill the 16GB space you’re allowed. I am looking for a way to roll back the OS. I wouldn’t be surprised if apple did this on purpose to force stupid apple hipsters to get the iPhone 4. I was gonna get it before this.. Now I’m switching to verizon until my 3G dies or I throw it against the wall, whichever comes first. Then I go to the droid. No complaints = good phone. Not like apple..

  8. Apple always pretended to be user friendly, but after iTunes and the iPhone 3G they’ll have a hard time keeping the myth alive. I fell for the hype Apple created, but they cured it themselves (bad WiFi, poor data exchange with PC, no removable battery, no SSD) by now. Android the next round for me.

  9. I have two android devices, rooted droid 1 (running cyanogen mod, and a little slow in this day and age) and an unrooted archos 101(8gb + 8gb on SD).

    As long as I split my apps between the two and use the 10 inch screen archos for larger viewing apps, I’m in pretty good shape. Sometimes an issue is resolved by restarting or resetting the phone’s data and reinstalling.. so perhaps that strategy might also help you iphone users out there…

    I like my setup because I don’t have 3G on my Archos, so I bluetooth tether it to my rooted droid.

  10. I have a iPhone 3Gs and have IOS 4.3.4 and works fine. I’ll eventually have to upgrade but for now I like the phone I have.

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