youtube-liveIt is being widely reported that the video sharing giant YouTube is getting into live streaming video and that it will begin a two-day trial run of the system that will allow its users to view live events through the website. This testing will let YouTube perform various tests pertaining to some real world usage and solve bugs and other issues. YouTube plans to allow broadcasters to use YouTube to deliver live content and discussions with the broadcasters are already in the works.

YouTube video broadcasters would need a webcam or a video camera to broadcast live through its software. With Google TV to be released soon, YouTube will be a crucial medium for Google to bank on and with the live streaming made possible, Google will be able to offer a full range of TV programming similar to what cable has to offer. Google is already talking to many telecoms across the nation to arrange high quality bandwidth for its service.

YouTube already has a great start considering many TV manufacturers have already included the YouTube App into directly into their TV sets. Google’s plan of having YouTube directly broadcast content from different channels live could very well be a great idea and can work into its favor killing the Apple TV which was considered to be similar to the Roku Box.

Google is said to conduct tests on the live streaming platform during peak times as well to assess its network infrastructure.

So is this the real Apple TV killer?


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