apple_tvIt is being reported that Apple may be trying to license its AirPlay technology to allow third party TVs to incorporate that into their TVs and other devices which will enable Apple to directly stream to these TVs. Bloomberg reported about the possibility of such licensing happening soon and said that video devices will be able to play streamed video via AirPlay and this might happen as early as this year!

AirPlay is Apple’s recently introduced technology that allows a computer’s iTunes to stream photos, video and music to a compatible device. Apple offers licenses to a number of audio system manufacturers which allows them to stream music to a set of wireless remote speakers. According to sources, Apple is considering adding video license which will make the device much more multifunctional. This will also enable Apple to enter the set-top box web enabled device market where it is trying hard to make it big. With Roku dominating the webspace Apple is keep to take its place.

Rumors are still around that Apple might one day roll out its own Internet-connected TV but that might not happen any time soon.

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