News is that the US Army is meeting up with Apple to discuss the application of hand heldarmy-apple-itgrunts devices in the battlefield. The army is increasingly wanting to move away from big screens to small, intelligent devices with Apple leading the way.

The Army’s research and development command is evaluating commercial handheld solutions such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac, and MacBook platforms. Within it they have developed numerous handheld solutions andare developing and supporting the transition of MilSpace, a combined planning and social networking environment.

The Army intends to use the Apple products such as the iPhone and the iPad in the battlefield for command and control operations. The group from the US Army visiting Apple was led by Major Gen. Nick Justice, of the Research, Development and Engineering Command and other key members of his staff. After a tour of the laboratories and other facilities the two sides talked about some of the applications that the Army already uses. The platforms being evaluated include the iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac, and the MacBook.

“Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications,” is an initiative to demonstrate the technical capabilities of handheld devices and applications during warfighting and increasing communication between soilders and platoons. The Army team is working towards this initiative in order to determine how suitable, mobile hand held devices can give accurate GPS information and location information by using their own communication abilities using different technologies.

The future of hi-tech war is closer than we think! Makes me think will Apple become that gaint corp which controls and deals with war machines and would eventually become evil, I don’t think so!

Excepts: US Army website.

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