Best Buy today entered the cloud based music storage with its own service called Best Buy Music Cloud. Very little detail is out on how the service is supposed to work but its known to have the basic uploading and listening features. The service hasn’t officially launched yet however the website and desktop apps are fully accessible and based on PlayAnywhere technology introduced by Catch Media.

Users can sign up at the website right now, where the first form you’re given to fill out is one about the make, carrier, and number of your cell phone. Next, users can download the desktop app that will begin syncing music and playlists from your iTunes library to the cloud. Best Buy also asks for your phone information to which a text message telling you the mobile native apps aren’t available yet along with an activation code is sent over.

Best Buy’s service, similar to Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud, will allow users to pin songs down to their devices so they don’t always have to be streamed, which saves a little on the limited data plans afforded most smartphones. The service has two pricing tiers: free, described in one line as “web + limited only” on the Web player, and a premium version for $3.99. Boy Genius Report says only premium subscribers will have access to the mobile apps for the service.

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