Are you a user of Bitdefender who just installed their new update on your 64-bit Windows box on March 20th, well if so I am sure you are not a happy customer. The malfunctioning update marked every executable program and the dll’s as infected and had quarantined them. The update quarantined vital files of the system leaving the systems not being able to boot.

BitDefender had its forums flooded shortly after the update was released. The malfunctioning update had marked all the executable files including dll’s as infected and had quarantined them. These files were marked as “Trojan.FakeAlert.5”. The update quarantined vital files of the system leaving them unbootable.

Many users started flooding the forums complaining, while bitdefender has claimed to have given instructions on how to recover the system by restoring the quarantined files and rebooting the system, or using the “last known good configuration” setting in windows, many users still remain affected. “We have 150 machines at our business and bitdefender thinks all the files on them are viruses including itself!” said Lorie Martinez, a business owner.

Bitdefender’s websites states that they are still working on a patch that will fix the systems that are rendered non-bootable while the systems that boot or partially boot can be fixed by the windows recovery disk. The solutions are available here.

We truly seem to be at the mercy of these anti-software companies who release patches every fortnight or whenever it seems appropriate. Imagine a small business with about about 150 or 200 computers having bitdefender. A typical home user wouldn’t read te KB articles when a patch is released, maybe now they would or even better switch!

Attempts to contact bitdefender failed while the company claims to get the patch out soon, how soon is a no answer yet! After this would you buy bitdefender after this?

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