BMW’s been putting out its vision for electric vehicles and the trend continues! The German automaker has unveiled two concepts from its upcoming i sub-brand: the city-dwelling i3 and a rehashed version of its i8. This is the first time we’ve officially seen the smaller of the two, as the car formerly known as the Megacity had only been spied in an official render and during routine testing at the arctic circle.

Its capable of four passengers with its 150km range (around 100 miles) and accelerate from 0-60mph in around 8 seconds. As for those with range anxiety, the German company will soothe such fears with an optional range-extending motor dubbed “REx.” Either variant could be out by 2013, and can be fully charged in 6 hours with a standard socket, or up to eighty percent in an hour if you’re rocking a spiffy high capacity charger.


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