boxee-boxBeyond the typical Google TV vs Apple TV debates, there is another box that fits most of the customers and that could actually be your very own DVR! Boxee is a well known name when it comes to open-source software for media servers and media PCs. Today it was reported that Boxee will be realising its first hardware standalone piece called Boxee Box.

The Boxee Box is being made by D-Link for Boxee and will feature an Intel Atom CE4100 processor for graphics processing. Boxee had said that the box will be available earlier this year but was delayed due to the addition of the graphics processor. It also is the same processor that Google TV plans to implement in its release. There will be a number of apps available for the box at launch. These include: BBC,, CNET, CNN, Channel 4, Comedy Central, Facebook, ITV, MTV Music, mySpaceTV, YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa.

The Boxee Box will be priced at $199. With Apple TV and Google TV in the block, Boxee will surely face stiff competition and the price is expected to fall.

The Boxee Box is available now for pre order at, and will be released in North America in November 2010.

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