internet-connTalk about high speed networks, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE) has announced a  100 Gigabit computer network which will be used to power advanced brain-mapping and surgery training applications.An average Canadian has access to a 8Mb internet connection speed and this new network is almost 12,000 times faster than the average speed.
This new network is to be used for brain research and 3D modelling of the brain and effects of certain diseases. The models will be shared over the network which will let doctors have instant access to the models.
The network will also be used to record high definition video of surgeries that will used for training. A 17 camera video feed project is underway. The network already has about 19,000 TB of data transferred across until now. This is a huge account when compared to the mere 160TB of data being housed in the US Library of Congress.

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