Apple always uses this trick. Apple always tries to make sure that the market that could not afford the new iPhone 5 is kept with in its grasp by offering a cheaper iPhone 4 and that is what it is doing again! It is being rumored that a cheap iPhone with a lower disk size. Leaks early Tuesday had Apple making an 8GB iPhone 4 with flash memory from “a Korean company,” mostly Samsung.

The phone is likely to go to $99 or less on contract given talk of its using plastic in place of some of the glass for the current 16GB and 32GB smartphones.Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 was still on track and might arrive early, some sources added. The rumor also said that the new iPhone 4 will have a larger display with a 8 megapixel camera.

However we are not sure if a dual-core A5 processor, a dual-mode radio, and possibly 64GB of storage models will be available. Production plans weren’t as clear. Combined, the iPhone 5 and 8GB iPhone 4 would make up 45 million units, but over what time span wasn’t said. It could refer to all 2011 production, since tips have pointed to there being 26 million iPhone 5s. iPhone 4 production could make up for the rest given both the existing model and the switch to the new, cheaper version. Foxconn Hon Hai and Pegatron were already known to be suppliers.

Many anticipate the iPhone 5 and the cheap iPhone 4 to be a shocker for Android. Lets see how the market takes it and I am afraid it will be Apple’s way yet again!


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