comcast_logoWill you be excited if you found internet connectivity for $10 a month?! I will be! Today the union of Comcast and NBC universal was given green light by the FCC and the Department of Justice to let customers recieve heavy concessions from Comcast. These concessions include cheap broadband for the “poor” and rules to protect Internet video companies against discrimination.

For the deal to come through, Comcast is to provide about 2.5 million low income households with internet connectivity at about $10 a month. Comcast should also sell low cost PCs, netbooks and other PC equipment at prices below $50.

It doesn’t end here, Comcast must grow its broadband networks to about 400,000 new homes which will include fast internet service in more rural areas. However the deal will bring in approximately $572 million in savings for Comcast considering the subsidies that are granted to low incomes homes and the consequent tax savings.

You can read more here.

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