Any DBA gurus wanting to go to space?  A Cambridge software firm is giving away a £70,000 ticket into space to database administrators in this competition called DBA in Space! This has been called the ultimate getaway and also the ultimate prize every. The firm, Red Gate has already bought the ticket with US Space travel agent, Space Adventures.

The competition is aimed at database administrators only. Neil Davidson, joint CEO of Red Gate, a software giant based at Cambridge Business Park, said, “The reason we launched this competition is so many database administrators do so much to keep office systems going behind the scenes but are not recognised for their work very often. Also most of our customers are DBAs. It also has a great ring to it: DBA in Space.”He added as most DBAs are geeks and people who love technology and space”

The prize includes a three-day sub-orbital space flight which will include training, a medical and the launch from a ‘spaceport’ in its Armadillo Aerospace sub-orbital commercial rocket, which is in development. Once you are at 62 miles above the Earth you will be able to see the curvature of the planet and the blackness of space itself.

The competition is stretched over a five-week period and entrants have to answer three questions a week in a video quiz – two on space and one on databases. Fifteen finalists will then be chosen from those who provide the best answers to quizzes within the videos and an idea for a tweet from space, with the winner elected by popular vote. RedGate’s software is used by more than half a million IT professionals use the firm’s software.

You can also visit their site here.

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