technology-wasteIts not just the IT and Technology jobs that are being outsourced, its also the waste that these technologies generate as well! Until recently China was seen as a dumping ground for old computer parts and other electronic waste which were reportedly seen to be piled up next to villages, now India is at the top of the chart.

Recently India’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) had seized five containers full of old computer parts which were being dumped illegally in the southern Indian city of Chennai. This event repeated in a span of just two months. Authorities reported a total of 127 tonnes of e-waste which contained nickel, mercury and lead was dumped on the Indian shores resulting in severe environmental damage as well as health concerns for locals.

The Times of India reported that the city of Chennai was one of the most favorite spots for dumping electronic waste and such waste arrived from Korea, Brunei, Australia and Canada. In the most recent raid, the containers from Brunei reported old switch board scrap but were found to have old monitors and computer scrap.

From all these raids it is clear that the Indian government is in no mood to accept the status of the world’s technology dumping ground.

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