Joining the league of Star Wars memorabilia is the Stormtrooper Star Wars bicycle which is truly awesome looking! The bicycle has been designed by Max Denisov from Rastabike BC, who is known for expertise in producing customized versions of merchandise. This has ensured that the overall appeal and the engineering of the bike have lived up to the TV franchisee.

The frame used is a Phat cycle variety with the stretch body design and frame, on which detailed painting has been done. Along with that, there are the fiber-glass fenders and the mountings of the frame, and also the forks fitted with custom designed crowns to accommodate the prominent broad tire frames. Other special design elements include the air knob on tires, which resemble the Darth Vader skulls and the spotlights on the wheels and rear fenders which come handy during the dark, making the cycle and the rider easy to spot. Even the blue headlight on the front handle bar gives out the same appeal as on the space ship used for Star Wars.

Enjoy and let us know if you would buy one?

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