dell-thunderEngadget today revealed a video preview and review of the new Dell Thunder that is being rumored to be the next smartphone to hit the market. It came as a surprise considering that the Dell Streak has only been just released. Engadget has received a couple of prototypes and they have a nice review and a video for us.

The Dell Thunder however is not expected to release until sometime next year. The Thunder seems to have similar features as the Dell Streak however is expected to be much faster and more feature rich. Just like the Streak the Thunder is an Android device but the version is yet to be set. Speculation is that it might come out with a Android 2.2 or even Froyo.

The Thunder has a nice 4.1 inch display and has pretty good performance. It has other features and one feature was it can switch from CDMA to GSM and work on both networks which is pretty nice to have.

You can read more here.

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