dual_screen_shotForget one sided iPads and tablets. Samsung is working on a patent for a dual touch-sensor device  where both the screen up front and the back respond to touch! Excerpts from their patent application state that they are looking to patent a “mobile terminal having dual touch screen and method of controlling content therein”. Sounds futuristic!

The whole slate will have two touch surfaces and the user could control it by tought the display or by tracing his motion from the rear panel.

What the patent indicates that the touchscreen tablet will have a transparent screen so you can actually see through the screen with the ability to tap it on both sides. This will break the iPads limitation of being able to see something from any side – now you can even flip it!

Now dual touch screen technology might require double the processing power and more compact hardware which could be compressed in a small space because the screen would be transparent. It will exciting to hold a touch screen that was featured in the movie “Avatar”.


No dates have been given on when the production will start but it was reported that Samsung wants to get this product out before the first quarter of 2011.

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