Its not that all the apps on the iPhone get through Apple’s rigorous process of App selections. Apple is reported to be very stubborn in their process and reject apps on reasons that may seem “silly”.

We will look at 5 dumbest apps rejections by Apple (initially) for the iPhone in this two part series.

1. Eucalyptus



2. Convertbot


Coverbot is an app for doing unit-conversions and was questioned by Apple. You wouldn’t think an app for doing unit conversions would pose any problem but Apple thought otherwise. Apple’s policy states that Developers are not allowed to use any images that duplicate or closely resemble Apple’s own icons. The reason is that Apple worries that its users might get confused.
Apple noticed that Convertbot’s time icon looked somewhat like the iPhone’s ‘Recents’ icon. Puzzled users thought they would exit the Convertbot app and go into their call logs while they actually ended up doing conversions.
The issue was rectified and you can have a look at this app at the App Store link and download it for $0.99

3. Tweetie


Twitter allows swearing and Apple doesn’t seem to know that. You can have a look at the App Store link and buy it for $2.99.

4. Google Voice + Latitude

Apple says that it is in policy that it cannot let any app remain that mimcs its features and functionality.

Google Latitude which is a map-based social networking service is also missing from the app store. Apple reasons that it will confuse users when they intend to use the Google maps. The truth might be that Apple wants to come up with its own App for social networking which is in works. You can read about that here.

5. Grand Tour 3D


The App was rejected and was resubmitted with necessary changes. You can have a look at App Store link and download it for, yes a $0.99, much less than what Voyager costs 🙂

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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