We all know last week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised “something awesome”! Well rumors started flying out about what that could be but there was a vague rumor in the air that Skype and Facebook were up to something! Well today it was widely reported that Facebook is introducing a way users can now use video and voice communication service from within Facebook by integrating it with Skype!

Facebook aparently teamed up with Skype to allow users to be able to call their friends and also have group video chats. Now isn’t this a perfect counter to Google+’s hangouts feature where video chatting works similar to Skype video calling. A catch is that Skype charges $4.99 for video conferences however it seems that Facebook might work out a deal with Skype to either cut that price down to allow the use of the service.

The more free services, the more clientele! More as we know it.

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