Wow, this is simply amazing! Facebook today has officially hit 1 trillion page views accodring to the figures released for web traffic in June by Time magazine’s TechLand column reports. According to Time there were around 870 million visitors which is 120 million greater than Facebook’s reported total number of registered users. The numbers may be varied due to non-Facebook members visiting the site from other social media links or through search engine traffic.

The next most popular site after Facebook is YouTube which has only one-tenth of the page views, but matches 90% of Facebook’s unique visitors for the same time period. The data compiled by the Google-owned Double Click Adplanner show that throughout the month of June Facebook received more than 1 trillion page views and was visited by more than 870 million unique users — an average of 1,149.42 page views per user.


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One thought on “Facebook Officially Hits 1 Trillion Page Views”
  1. While google+ may be rival of facebook, I feel at the present time anyway, they are appealing to a different demographic base. While facebook attracts the young and their families, Google+ appears to be, at the moment, trying to go after the techier crowd. Our organization was only recently added to Google+, regardless we are rapidly trying to integrate it into our marketing systems. No doubt, it will be player in years, if not months to come!

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