Businesses are struggling to keep up with the amazing changes of Facebook but are also diverting their focus on increasing their fan base. Because of some of the changes, strategies you used just last month to increase your “likes” and interactions with fans may not be as effective.

Here are a few quick branding fixes that will make it easier for prospects to find you, as well as some tips on getting more fans.

No.1 – Create a Brand. Facebook recently kicked out the requirement that a minimum of 25 likes are needed to brand your URL. Thank them, now all you need to do is go to and set your name in the URL, which is a starting point for your success.

No.2 – A name that can take you higher. Do give a thought on what you might want your brand to be named as you cannot change the name of your URL after you cross the 100 like mark. So, rather than picking a dummy title use a brand name which represents the theme of your page and which will boost the likes. If below 100 likes you can still change the title.

No. 3 – Keep the fans busy Don’t just let the fans see your page and move onto something else, put up polls, ideas thoughts that represent your brand. Make them feel important and that is the way to grab them. Make sure that the polls are not biased in anyway and make sure things that keep the fans busy are in a way that say “I need your opinion”

No. 4 – Keep a check on statistics Well, just creating a fan page doesn’t drive in the fans. The page needs to be active and also constantly updated. There may be instances where no fan might have visited your page. Don’t lose hope. It is this constant effort that will bring in fans.

Facebook fan pages are quickly turning into Facebook websites and interactive business tools. With access to millions of prospects, it’s important to brand your page well, make it easy to find and keep the content up-to-date and engaging.

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