3d-tv-toshiba3D TVs are all over the market and Toshiba is trying hard to be the first to have a 3D TV that won’t require 3D glasses. Toshiba is actually all set to have one out by the end of December. Two models are in line for the possible December release – a 12 inch TV for about $1,440 and a 20-inch for about $2,880.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Masaaki Oosumi of Toshiba said that the product was a right step towards the future. He did say that the product was not perfect but more improvements will be made. TV makers have been facing slower sales for 3D TVs mainly due to lack of content and also customer negativity towards wearing glasses to watch a 3D screen.

The Toshiba 3D glass less TVs will be first introduced in Japan later in December this year. No word on any possible US release yet.

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