GE is taking a lead in building new renewable energy sources of energy which are often overlooked in commercial production of energy. Last month GE announced a new type of power plant that combines solar with natural gas and wind energy technologies in a way that it would make renewable energy more economical for the businesses to implement.

This new plant is a whopping 530-megawatt plant is expected to be launched in Turkey in 2015. is expected to debut in Turkey in 2015. It will work along with the FlexEfficiency 50 power plant which runs on wind power and natural gas with the solar system by eSolar that uses mirrors to concentrate sunlight and heat water to drive turbines.

Paul Browning who is the vice president of GE’s thermal products division said that the solar thermal energy is the most cost effective form of solar energy available today. He also said that although the combination of solar energy and natural gas turbines has been tried before the addition of wind is a new innovation.

Finally the whole idea of using and amplifying Solar light to heat up water to produce electricity is being used. This is truly innovative.

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