Its Tuesday Morning and I hope this is not a rumor! Google Chrome is out to resuce Adobe before Apple conspires toflash-itgrunts kill it. A common enemy makes friends and Google is out to get Apple by bundling flash in its chrome.

Google intends to bundle the Flash platform into future builds of the Chrome browser such that you would not need to install a plugin anymore. Chrome is the world’s third largest used browser beating Apple’s Safari browser recently. Internet Explorer and Firefox are still ahead in the competition and Chrome has some ways to go before it can reach the number one spot.

Around 99% of the desktop computers have the flash plugin installed according to Adobe. The motive of this move was to beat the increasing threat of Apple’s Safari browsers, especially mobile and the new iPad not supporting flash.  Integrating flash with chrome could be a move towards the Google Chrome OS, which is an open source operating system with heavy interaction with online applications and runs on a browser. It is clear, a browser based OS should never have to “download” any plugins, especially plugins such as flash which are used by 99% of all computers.

Apple has not let flash get into iPad and is leaning towards HTML5 stating it as a future standard that is robust. Google and Apple have been rivals since google entered the mobile market with its Android OS. With Google and Adobe joining hands will mean that consumers and companies (publishers) have to find a work around for flash to work with Apple products which can create quite an issue.

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