If you have a geeky girl friend or a wife, what do you think is a perfect gift for her? A bunch of old computers will make a great gift for her. If you have a few old computers lying around you could put them to good use and create some geeky footwear or clothing like the Data Sandals pictured below. They have been created from a multitude of unwanted electronic components including data wire, motherboards and batteries, by Etsy member and artist Steven Rodrig.

Rodrig uses the printed circuit boards from discarded computers and other electronic items to create weird and wonderful creations, some of which are available to purchase on Etsy. They may not be the most comfortable shoes on the block, but they have to win 1st place for the most geeky pair of sandals. If you think they will suit a geeky outfit you already have, the Data Sandals are now available to purchase for $350 from the Etsy store.

You can check out more of Steven Rodrig‘s creations using printed circuit boards on his Etsy website page here.


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