Its a known fact that millions of low-income Americans don’t use the Internet and a reason behind that is that theym2znetworks cannot afford it. Apart from that there is also an issue of reaching the far remote corners of each state in an attempt to provide broadband services, the farther the customer, the pricey the service.

But all that will change, thanks to a company called M2Z Networks. For four years M2Z has been asking the FCC to sell them a chunck of the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum which they would use to provide 786Kbps internet for Americans over a period of ten years.

This surely is a great idea to provide basic internet free of cost to everyone, but as usual the FCC is moving slow on this. However the company is not teaming up with the County Executives of America which represents about 700 counties to petition and has also applied for the broadband stimulus money.

If the money were granted, the free basic wireless internet service will be rolled out to 13 participating counties, residents and other safety agencies. After that initial tests are successful and with more funds plans are to roll out this service to every county and eventually to the whole country.

The funding will be granted only if the FCC agrees for the use of that wireless spectrum.

M2Z CEO John Muletta is not very happy. “We cannot get an answer from the FCC, yes or no,”.

Some of the interesting facts include that the M2Z will provide a uncensored basic open-device system to connect to the wireless internet. Wonder why FCC is taking so slow for a yes or no, our good ol’ FCC!

With starting speeds at 786kbps the internet is fast enough to do the  daily online chores. Afterall its free!

You can visit M2Z here.

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