Rumors are floating around that Google is going to introduce the G Drive service which is Google's very own cloud storage offering. You can create or upload documents using Google Docs and other Google storages but the G drive will compete directly with the Apple's iCloud. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is preparing to launch Google Drive — a service that lets users store photos, documents and videos online and easily share them with other users. In other words, Google Drive sounds a lot like what Google already offers.

We are unsure if this is where Google actually creates a Dropbox or Box style service that simply provides users with disk space on a remote server to upload all the files on their computers. Because it’s not a very Google-like thing to do. Instead, it seems likely that Google wants users to star thinking of their data as pictures, movies, or documents rather than JPGs, AVIs or PDFs. Ultimately I suspect the goal is to get you to think of your media as something that’s stored online and synchronized with your computers rather than the other way around — because the more you use the web the more Google makes money. That’s why the company can afford to give away “free” disk space and services for email, documents, music, movies, pictures and more.

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