alienware_tablet_designsDell’s Alienware division released a new line of gaming laptops this week and the only draw back is that those new shiny laptops are not portable. The smallest model weighs 6 pounds which is quite heavy. Now Alienware has taken note and is showing off some designs to be considered for gaming tablets.

So think about it – a tablet that is all up for some intense gaming. Sounds good right. The tablet might carry some style associated with the company because – I am afraid it will be one beefy tablet and hope it isn’t 6 pounds! And what it could mean is angular designs, support for physical keyboards and other elements that support PC games.

Razer is now shipping its first PC gaming tablet and companies including Archos,NVIDIA, and others seem to think Android tablets for gamers are the way to go. But the Archos GamePad can’t play Windows games which sucks and the NVIDIA Shield can only do it by streaming them from your PC over an internet connection, and the Razer Edge gets lousy battery life. Alienware’s decision to wait might make sense.

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