There is a latest invention going around the net that I am not sure who would be really interested in, Military maybe? A group of researchers at the University of Electro-Communication in Japan of the Kajimoto group have developed a device which takes gaming experience to a complete new level. The device can actually make users experience how it feels to get stabbed or shot without actually getting stabbed or shot!

The device is designed to stimulate the pain at two different points on the skin at the same time giving the user the experience of pain .”There is an illusion which is called a phantom sensation. This happens when two points on your skin are stimulated at the same time, and it feels as if the space between them is being touched. At our lab we thought of stimulating the palm and back of a hand at the same time, so that it feels as if an object is going through your hand.”

Two vibrating motors are strapped at the top and bottom of your hand which gives the wearer a feeling that something is falling through your hand. The frequency and intensity of vibrations can be adjusted to intensify the feeling and stimulate the effect of being shot.

Now I am unsure why this is going to make any game awesome! What do you think?

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